Springfield Products

Along with customer manufacturing, Springfield Industries creates a handful of in-house products. Download our PDFs to view our products. CONTACT US with any questions

Elastomer Modified Liquid Functional Adduct::

Elastomer Modified Solid Functional Adduct:

Fibrillated Aramid Fiber Masterbatch:

Available below in solid epoxy resin matrix. Aramid fiber can be supplied within a variety of other matrices, as well.

Flame Retardant Epoxy Product:

Epoxy Accelerators:

A variety of powder-based accelerators for one-part epoxies are being developed. These accelerators are typically used to accelerate a dicyandiamide cure of a liquid or powder epoxy system. Springfield Industries is developing tailored accelerators based on imidazole and diisocyanate chemistries that enable low temperature cure, long shelf-life, aqueous compatible properties, and/or solvent compatible properties. Inquire about an accelerator specifically tailored for your application!

Miscellaneous Epoxy Product:

Thermoplastic Modified Epoxy Resin: