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Our Mission

Our Mission

High quality, satisfying customer needs, dedication, timeliness, and cost effectiveness. These are the core values of Springfield Industries. When making a decision for any of our customers, these core values are at the foundation of our decision.


Our well trained staff works to ensure proper job completion. Especially jobs other companies would find:

  • Too Complex
  • Too Difficult
  • Too Labor Intensive

Additionally, our employees demonstrate professionalism through:

  • Attention to detail
  • Taking ownership of one's actions
  • Working safely
  • Finding creative solutions to complex problems
Our Mission


With decades of experience, Springfield Industries continues to add to its areas of technical competence, including:

  • Polymeric reactions and mixtures
  • Custom epoxide reaction products
  • Accelerators and curing agents
  • Epoxy adducts, solid and liquid
  • Solid or melt state reactions
  • Ethylene derived polymeric materials
  • High viscosity polymers and oligomers
  • Single component epoxy systems
  • Reactions in solutions
  • Vacuum or inert atmosphere operations

Size reduction - Granule to submicron via:

  • Hammer Milling
  • Jet Milling
  • Granulation
  • Fitzmilling

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With Springfield Industries there is nothing to worry about. As a result of positive business practices, Springfield Industries has continued to grow. In 2020 we are opening a second facility to continue to grow with the increase of demand. To top it all off, since 2015, Springfield Industries has passed its ISO audit with no majors, no minors, and no observations.